Running into the smoke

About the Boston marathon tragedy.

whoever you want to be...

There are so many different things that I could say about the tragedy yesterday in Boston. I could comment about how odd it is that we (the social media and mainstream media we) react viscerally to a single bombing on American soil, but seem relatively blase about the constant atrocities across Afghanistan.

I could bemoan the pictures that flew around social media and the reactions of people reacting to people trying to shield their children. (I don’t know about shielding my children. I wanted to shield me. I sat, stunned, scrolling through tweets, avoiding links, desperately not bringing up pictures. I turned the news off.)

I could wonder whether social media helps us to actually deal with these tragedies or whether it somehow diminishes the events, makes the real lives of people on the other side of the world seem like some global soap opera.

But actually, what I’d…

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