The best of intentions.

I went to sleep last night determined that today would be the day I got organised. Planned a realistic with schedule. Educated the older children. Spent quality time interacting with the younger children. Tidied the lounge. Caught up with the washing.

I woke up to find the cat threw up in the kitchen and my blog got hacked.

It has taken me nearly 8 hours to rebuild 99% of my blog. I’ve cleaned out the spam links and dealt with the utf8 thing.

Things I’ve learnt.

Ten year old wordpress blogs can be too big to export in one go.
The developers feel that writing an error into the output file that the import process ignores is sufficient acknowledgement of this.
There are lots of different ways an import process can go wrong.
I don’t like hackers.

Ok, I didn’t learn that last one. But it bears repeating.

So I guess I’ll do the tidying and washing tomorrow.


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