You may be wondering what I’m doing over here…

as wordpress now insists you are logged in to comment if it recognises your email address, I thought I’d blow the dust off this blog and use it as a place to keep track of interesting links.

These will obviously include my own blog posts as being utterly fascinating 😉

So, you could catch up with my Silent Sunday, check out what I thought of Frankie and Benny’s new lunch menu, or Dualit toasters, or catch up with my latest ponderings on cookie laws.

I also blog for Emma’s Diary, and Talk Mum, and have guest posted in various other places. I’ll round those up here from time to time too.

But I don’t want you to think this is all about me. (Though obviously it is.) So here’s a few other posts I’ve been reading recently. You may spot a common theme. #ShareNiger.

This is my good friend over at Transatlantic Blonde. She’s following Sian from Geek is New Chic on her travels. By cruising the hashtag on twitter, I came across Eden from Edenland. If you haven’t met her before you might as well start at her post about boots. I guarantee you’ll be sucked in. And if you don’t know my friend Mamacrow, you need to work out why she’s writing about the centre of the world. Go on. Will that do you for now?


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