Running into the smoke

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There are so many different things that I could say about the tragedy yesterday in Boston. I could comment about how odd it is that we (the social media and mainstream media we) react viscerally to a single bombing on American soil, but seem relatively blase about…


Me writing for Bea Magazine on what £3750 is worth to the people of twitter versus MPs £3750..

The best of intentions.

I went to sleep last night determined that today would be the day I got organised. Planned a realistic with schedule. Educated the older children. Spent quality time interacting with the younger children. Tidied the lounge. Caught up with the washing. I woke up to find the cat threw up in the kitchen and my … Continue reading

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The first thing I heard yesterday morning was an announcement on the news at 6 o’clock that claimed that hundreds of thousands of children were being misdiagnosed with special educational needs when they were simply under-achieving due to poor teaching and pastoral care at school.  Apparently, all that was needed…